Private Nursing Services

Guidelines for Private Duty Nurses in Alexandria Community School Corporation

Written documentation of Professional Credentials, Liability Insurance, and the name of the Agency Supervisor will be provided to the Personnel Department of Alexandria Community School Corporation prior to beginning nursing duties.

  1. A private duty nurse is a guest to Alexandria Community School Corporation. The nurse will always dress, speak, and conduct themselves in a professional manner. The nurse will wear an identification badge from the agency with name, licensure, (RN, LPN, etc.). The private duty nurse will comply with employee dress codes.
  2. A private duty nurse will comply with confidentiality requirements that apply to students and sign a confidentiality agreement. The nurse should not attempt to explain educational choices made at school to parents, but should encourage the parent to request information from the teacher.
  3. Alexandria Community School Corporation requires signed parent and physician authorization for any medication, procedure, or treatment that is or might be given to a child during school hours. Copies of such physician orders from the agency are acceptable if they contain all the required information. The private duty nurse will keep written documentation of all medications, procedures, and treatments administered during school hours and give the school nurse copies of this documentation on a minimum weekly basis, if not daily basis. If the agency does not have forms for this purpose, the school system forms will be used. This must be done since the child is a student of ACSC.
  4. The private duty nurse will communicate any significant change in the student's health status to the school nurse in a timely manner.
  5. The private duty nurse will be responsible only for the student to whom he/she is assigned. If he/she observes something unsafe or anything that needs attention, the classroom teacher should be notified (bus driver/aide if on the school bus) to handle the issue.
  6. Alexandria Community School Corporation will always have a parent signed “release of information” with the agency the nurse works for prior to the nurse coming to the building.
  7. The school nurse develops the student's School Health Care Plan based on review of all medical records, parent input and other available records and information. A copy will be provided to the Private Duty Nurse with parent permission.
  8. In case of unexpected emergency such as:

§ Private duty nurse becoming ill

§ Power outage for a ventilator dependent child

§ Other reason the private duty nurse is not able to care for the child

A back-up plan will be written to address who will care for the child, contact the parent, and determine how the child is transported home. This will be included within the School Health Care Plan.

9. If the private duty nurse is an LPN, ACSC will have written documentation of what agency RN is supervising the LPN before the LPN begins in the school. If the LPN is not working for an agency and is a private contractor then he/she will not be allowed to work in the school. ACSC does not employ the LPN so he/she will not be working under the ACSC RN's license.

10. A Private Duty RN nurse will be responsible for both Liability and Malpractice Insurance.

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