Individual Learing Plan (ILP)

Purpose of the ILP:

A specialized plan for each identified LEP student that details strategies, accommodations, modifications and goals to be implemented daily in the classroom in order to help LEP students be successful.

The ILP is a locally-developed form that is recommended to be created by the student's classroom teacher(s) in conjunction with the school's ELL teacher (if applicable) or another designee. All ELL students (Levels 1-4) must have an ILP. The ILP should be shared with the student to ensure the student understands what they are entitled to. Teachers and other staff members that work with an ELL student must be given a copy of the ILP and are required to implement the ILP within their classroom on a daily basis.

The state does not require a specific form that must be used; rather, schools retain the local responsibility to create an ILP based on their students' needs. However, recommendations to include in an ILP are as follows:

  • General information about the student (name, grade, age, school year)

  • English language proficiency placement test level

  • Annual English language proficiency assessment levels over time, with sub-group levels in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

  • State and local assessment information

  • The language instruction program being used for the student to help them attain English language proficiency

  • Strategies, accommodations, and modifications for the student to be implemented in all classes

  • Strategies and accommodations for state assessments

  • Goals for the student

Alexandria Community School's ILP form is created in Google Docs and shared with the student's teachers and the building administrators. Special Education teachers are taking on the role of assisting with ELL as they are paid from the general fund.

AMES--Betsy Duckworth, Darcie McCorkle, and Kristin Hodge

AMIS--Jamie McCarty, Kristin Landreth, Miranda Fullerton

AMHS--Dan Kuhn and Michelle Cramer

ELL students are eligible to receive accommodations on state assessments; however, in order to do so, the accommodation must be marked on the student's ILP. Only state-approved accommodations can be used with ELL students on state assessments. School corporations should refer to the Indiana Assessment Program Manual for a list of state- approved accommodations for use with their ELL students on state assessments.

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