Identification of ELL Students

Once a student has enrolled and filled out the Home Language Survey, if the first language of the student is any other than English, the student is given a test of English language proficiency (this includes foreign exchange students).

ELL staff or designated and trained individuals who are paid with state and local funds only shall assess new ELL students to the school corporation with the state-approved English language proficiency assessment tool to measure proficiency in English. (Staff paid solely through federal funds such as Title I or III must not assess students, as this is federally mandated and therefore not supplemental). The English proficiency assessment shall be conducted within 30 calendar days of the beginning of the school year, or within 2 weeks of enrollment if the child enrolls later in the school year. The purpose of English language proficiency assessment is to identify a level of English proficiency so appropriate ELL programming and mainstream accommodations may be made for the ELL students.

Note: Only a person holding an Indiana license can administer the Placement test or Annual Proficiency test, which includes instructional, administrative, and social services licenses.Chapter 10 of the Indiana Assessment Program Manual discusses test preparation, administration and reporting. Specifically, it defines the test examiners and their roles as the following: Test Examiners and Their Role The assessment is to be administered only by personnel who hold a license granted by the Indiana Department of Education. The license must be an instructional, administrative, or school services license. Personnel not properly trained and certified (e.g., teacher's aides, secretaries, or substitute teachers who do not hold one of the above mentioned licenses) may ONLY serve as proctors, NOT as test examiners. In no case may unlicensed personnel be allowed to supervise the test administration without the guidance of a test examiner. Test examiners should be thoroughly familiar with the tests to be administered and with the procedures to be followed during testing. This includes: Studying the Examiner's Manuals (paying specific attention to the icons representing reading comprehension and calculator usage); Reviewing the Code of Ethical Practices and Procedures (in Appendix A of this manual); and Reading all applicable portions of the current Indiana Assessment Program Manual.

Students who score a 1, 2, 3, or 4, on the English language proficiency test, will be given the label English Language Learner (ELL) and appropriate services and accommodations will be determined during a conference with the student’s teachers and shared with the parent.

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