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Definitions of Terms Used for Assessibility
Indiana Center for Assessible Materials (ICAM)
National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC)
PATINS Project

Alexandria Community School Corporation is committed to helping all student access the general education curriculum to the fullest extent possible. This can be through a variety of options such as assistive technology, large print, audio-books/podcasts, epub files, CCTV, or other approved means. Devices could be as simple as a magnifier the student carries to any device deemed appropriate through evaluation and data collection and the recommendation of the case conference committee.

The digital rights manager for the school corporation is Jenny Smithson, Director of Academic Programs. She can request from the ICAM or PATINS any materials needed (as determined by the case conference committee). Devices are also available for a trial use for data collection before making a final decision for a purchase.

An assistive technology evaluation request can be made at any case conference. If a parent feels their child needs assistive technology because s/he is not able to access the general curriculum, contact the teacher of record to request a conference to discuss the need. If a need is determined or suspected, an evaluation will occur to determine the best possible device for the student prior to purchase of a device. This may look like borrowing a device to use and collecting data on the effectiveness of its use with the student or using an outside expert in assistive technology and considering their recommendations at the discretion of the Director of Academic Programs.

If the case conference determines there is a need for instructional materials in an accessible format, Alexandria Community School Corporation will provide these materials in a timely manner. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that students who need instructional materials in accessible formats are provided those materials at same time as other students receive instructional materials.

The pages below explain more about the ICAM, the NIMAC, and the PATINS project which all assist local education agencies in providing accessible materials to students.

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