eLearning for Professional Development Days

Professional Development eLearning day

eLearning is the use of technology to enable students to learn anytime and anywhere. The district will be using virtual eLearning Days for days when school is closed for professional development days. eLearning days will be placed on our corporation calendar and will be announced before the start of the school year. All students K-12 will take their iPads home the day before a scheduled eLearning day.

The 2022-2023 eLearning Professional Development days are:
November 1
, January 23, and February 20th.

Our eLearning day goals:

  • To provide a virtual learning opportunity for students in grades K-­12 that supports our school corporation’s goal of making technology an integral part of the education process.
  • To provide teachers necessary professional development to further their education in educating our students
  • To provide instruction during the school year for cancelled school days that is more effective than instruction on days that are added to the end of the school year.


Teachers will create standards-based lessons with resources and the assignment will be available through Canvas, our learning management system (LMS). Students will use the LMS to submit their completed assignments. Primary students will have a similar process related to their assigned lessons, but may be using a different LMS based on their grade. The activities/project will reflect previous lessons and will provide an opportunity to apply what they have learned.

Basic Steps to follow on an eLearning Day for Grades 3rd - 12th:

1. Go to the Alexandria Community School website  http://alexandriacsc.alex.k12.in.us/

2. Click on the Canvas Link nested under Our Students https://alexandriacsc.instructure.com/login/canvas
3. Students log in using their Canvas username and password with the Canvas App on their iPad or Canvas web. Click on the Dashboard to view active courses.

  • Grades 3rd-6th - click on homeroom(s) to check for work

  • Jr/Sr. High School students - click on each course subject to receive coursework instructions for the day.

** Elementary (K-2nd grade) teachers use different platforms than Canvas, depending on grade, please view your student’s eLearning folder to confirm where their assignments will be.

Please contact your classroom teacher if you have questions.

For technical issues please call the Technology office,

General Questions:

What is a eLearning Professional Development Day?

Students will not report to school, but will engage in eLearning activities using digital resources, such as Canvas and other online resources.

Why is Alexandria Community Schools using eLearning instead of cancelling school?

The primary objective is to maintain the momentum of learning. The primary objective is not to make-up missed days of school at the end of the year. Virtual eLearning Days allow students to minimize the interruptions caused by professional development days or snow days to  continue to make educational progress.

How and when will students and parents know if an eLearning Day will take place for Professional Development?

eLearning days will be placed on our corporation calendar and will be announced before the start of the school year. All students K-12 will take their iPads home the day before a scheduled eLearning day.  The 2022-2023 eLearning Professional Development days are: November 1, January 23, and February 20.

How will students be informed about assignments during an eLearning Day?

Parents and students should become familiar with their Canvas login prior to our scheduled days. Please visit the Parent link on the Alexandria website under Our Parents (http://alexandriacsc.alex.k12.in.us/) to access a Canvas Parent account, and follow the instructions to create an account.  Elementary students are to check their eLearning day folder for assignments. All teachers will post contact information and homework assignments the day before a Virtual eLearning Day for professional development, and will be available online during their office hours, which will be posted on social media and our website.

How will students obtain assistance from teachers on eLearning Days?

Teachers will be available through email, and will post other means of communication on their Canvas and social media accounts. If you need immediate assistance or have general questions and/or concerns, you may the technology hotline. If needed, your message will be relayed to the teacher.

How much time is the student expected to work online during the eLearning Day?

No minimum or maximum amount of time is expected. Students should complete their work carefully, using the amount of time that is appropriate for them.

When will class assignments be due?

Students in the Elementary will have three school days after the eLearning Professional Development day to turn in assigned work. Student in the Junior High and High School will have two scheduled Tiger’s Den days to complete and turn in all assigned work. If work is not turned in the allotted time, it will be marked late.

How will eLearning be monitored and counted for attendance?

Accountability for students will rely on assessment of work. Teachers will assess the student’s work and determine if the student has met the instructional goals for the day. The actual amount of time online is less important than the work produced and/or created by the student to demonstrate learning and mastery of learning targets.As a district, we are still held accountable for attendance on an eLearning day. Students may check in for attendance using one of the following options:

  • Logging in using Canvas and completing any digital assignment
  • Contacting your student’s teacher during their office hours
  • Returning completed assignments, within the allotted time frame
  • If you do not have internet, you may call the school and leave a message.

All contact must be made by 8:00 pm on an eLearning day with the exception of returning completed assignments within the allotted time frame. If none of these options are utilized, the student will be counted absent and those absences will be counted within the required attendance guidelines as listed in the student handbook.

What if a student does not have access to the internet?

Teachers are aware that not all students have internet access at home and will provide accommodations when necessary for students without home internet access. Although we encourage getting assignments done on the eLearning day, assignments assigned on an eLearning day will not be due until three school days after we return to school. Students without Internet connection have the opportunity to complete work over the following days allowing for students to make arrangements to use the public libraries, restaurants, or in time classrooms.

Do students with identified special learning needs have an alternative means to access their education on virtual eLearning days?

Yes, individual supports, services, and accommodations for students with an Individual Education Program (IEP), Individual Learning Plan (ILP), or a Section 504 Plan are reviewed, discussed, and agreed upon at the student’s case conference committee meeting, a Section 504 meeting, or general education plan meeting. All accommodations will be met during the eLearning day, or the three school days after returning.


Local free wifi locations:

Alexandria Public Library


General Questions can be directed to:

Technology hotline:

Nathan Smalley, Technology Director, [email protected] 765-724-4413 ext. 6403 Becky Troxell, Technology and System Coordinator, [email protected] 765-724-4413 ext. 6412

Julie Williams, High School Principal, [email protected] 765-724-4413

Stacey Bowen, Elementary School Principal, [email protected] 765-724-4166

Scott Zent, Alexandria-Monroe Academy / Student Service Coordinator, [email protected]

Questions about assignments?

Please contact your child’s teacher via email, Canvas, or social media during their office hours, which are posted on our corporation website under Academics, eLearning Day, and eLearning PD Teacher Office Hours.

Please note the above statements are subject to change. Alexandria will continue to evaluate each eLearning professional development day and strive for excellence in an eLearning Day. We will make necessary adjustments to accomplish this goal.

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